Riverside Church

New York, NY

Charles Collens and Henry C. Pelton designed Riverside Church after the Chartres and Laon Cathedrals in France. Built in 1927, it remains the tallest church in the United States due to its steel frame. Limestone buttresses, grotesques, gargoyles, statues and other ornament cover the gothic revival church’s 392’ tower, which houses a 74-piece carillon. In May of 2000, the New York City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission designated the church as a landmark.

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Scope of work

  • A hands-on public safety inspection was performed on six out of the eight elevations of the tower and three other locations on the building complex. Project deliverables included annotated elevations and associated still photographs (2002).

  • Exterior conditions of the limestone masonry roofs and drainage conditions were documented after hammer sounding and a close visual inspection (2002).

  • VA returned to conduct a FISP Inspection at representative areas of the tower and the adjacent Martin Luther King Building (2017).

  • We returned in 2018 to perform an evaluation and documentation of existing conditions of a total of 20 stained glass windows in the clerestory and aisles of the church as well as two rose windows at the upper balcony, capturing video with a drone.

Building owner

  • Riverside Church

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