Conservation of Buildings, Structures and Sites

Digital Data Capture for On-Site Investigations

Documenting existing conditions or design details in the field has traditionally been accomplished using pen and paper. New applications for digital data capture are helping architects, engineers, and building administrators to quickly deliver accurate survey, cost estimate, and construction documents.

Facade Ordinance Inspections

12 American cities and the Canadian Province of Quebec have enacted façade inspection legislation requiring periodic hands-on inspections of tall buildings.

Click here for links to ordinance laws and reporting requirements for each of them.

Guastavino Tiles

Rafael Guastavino brought the technique of building self-supporting, thin structural tile vaults to the United States in the late nineteenth century. Hundreds of public and institutional buildings across the U.S., including such landmarks as Grand Central Station and Carnegie Hall, incorporated Guastavino tile ceilings and vaults.

Industrial Rope Access and Alternatives to Scaffolding

Industrial rope access (IRA) is a technique using ropes and specialized hardware as the primary means of providing both work positioning and fall protection for qualified workers. Vertical Access employs IRA techniques to reach areas of buildings and structures that are otherwise difficult or impossible to access, as well as areas where IRA is the most cost-effective and efficient means of gaining hands-on access.

Materials Testing

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