Material Conditions Series Finale


Each post in this series provides an in-depth look at one of the standard conditions we encounter and document during inspections of buildings and civil structures. The full series is indexed here and is also available as a pdf download. Thanks for following along!

Part 1: Cracks and Crack Systems in Masonry
Part 2: Crazing
Part 3: Spalls
Part 4: Efflorescence and Leached Salts
Part 5: Surface Loss
Part 6: Failed Joints in Masonry
Part 7: Atmospheric Soiling and Black Crusts
Part 8: Biological Growth
Part 9: Guano
Part 10: Pack Rust
Part 11: Displacement
Part 12: Hollow Areas
Part 13: Failed Coatings
Part 14: Previous Repairs
Part 15: Glass Conditions
Part 16: Plaster Conditions
Part 17: Metal Conditions
Part 18: Wood Conditions
Part 19: Slate Conditions
Part 20: Stucco Conditions