Can you identify this building? – Series No. 4

Test your knowledge of historic and iconic buildings in the U.S. (and beyond!) in this series of “guess the building” blog posts.

Series No. 4:

These sculpted limestone panels were spotted during a tower investigation of an early twentieth-century church. You’ll need binoculars to see them in person, since they’re about 80 feet above the sidewalk.

 This church’s architect liked the building so much that he chose it as his final resting place. Where is this lovely bell tower?
Answer: Church of the Intercession, New York City. Designed by Bertram Goodhue, the Church of the Intercession was originally built as a chapel of Trinity Church on the site of Trinity’s cemetery in Harlem. Goodhue’s burial vault, sculpted by Lee Lawrie, depicts Goodhue surrounded by images of several of his most famous buildings. In the adjacent cemetery, one can find the burial monuments of John James Audubon and many other famous New Yorkers.

photo (3)

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Photos by Vertical Access.