Can you identify this building? – Series No. 5

Test your knowledge of historic and iconic buildings in the U.S. (and beyond!) in this series of “guess the building” blog posts.

Series No. 5:

These terra cotta faces keep watch over a state capitol from atop what was once the tallest building between New York and Chicago. The building was originally called the “Citadel” and the classically-inspired ornamental motifs include shields, eagles, fasces and medallions. Where is it?



Answer: LeVeque Tower, Columbus, Ohio. This Art Deco skyscraper was built in 1927 by the American Insurance Union and originally known as the AIU Citadel. The architect, C. Howard Crane, is best known as a designer of movie palaces. In 1945, the building was purchased by John Lincoln and Leslie L. LeVeque, inventor of the automatic pinsetter used in bowling alleys.


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Photos by Vertical Access.