Material Conditions Series Part 2: Crazing

Each week we’re bringing you an in-depth look at one of the standard conditions we encounter and document during inspections of buildings and civil structures. 

Part 2: Crazing

Crazing is a pattern of fine hairline cracks along the surface of a material, sometimes appearing in a net-like or web-like pattern. Crazing in concrete is also known as “map cracking” or “alligatoring”.

Crazing in concrete

Crazing in concrete

Crazing can occur when the surface of cast or poured concrete cures or dries more quickly than the interior. In glazed terra cotta, crazing can be a result of manufacturing defects and glaze/body incompatibility, or in response to water infiltration after installation. Crazing does not usually require a repair treatment.

crazing 2

Crazing in a glazed terra cotta tile

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