These building inspectors climb LeVeque’s exterior

By  Steve Wartenberg, The Columbus Dispatch Friday April 6, 2012 5:17 AM

Whenever she tells people that she makes a living climbing up and down buildings, doing inspections, Kelly Streeter gets one of three responses.

“Some people ask if I’m scared, others say there’s no way they would ever do that, and some people say it sounds like the best job ever,” she said of her career as an industrial rope-access technician.

Since Monday, Streeter and a small, well-trained team of safety-conscious climbers from Vertical Access have been Spider-manning their way up and down the 555-foot-6-inch-tall LeVeque Tower.

In exhausting six-hour shifts, they’ve rappelled down 600-foot ropes, toting 30 to 40 pounds of equipment that includes a self-braking descender with an anti-panic function to prevent free falls, a tablet computer to digitally log all the cracks and crumbles they spot — and snacks.   READ FULL ARTICLE:  These building inspectors climb LeVeque’s exterior | The Columbus Dispatch.