SPRAT Certifications for Vertical Access Technicians

Vertical Access recently conducted an in-house industrial rope access training course leading to third-party certifications by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT). VA’s chief rigger Mike Gilbert led the training, which took place over four days at Cornell’s Lindseth Climbing Wall. As part of the training, technicians reviewed basic rope access techniques that we most often use in our site work as well as more advanced skills that are less often used, such as passing knots, rope-to-rope transfers, redirects, rebelays and horizontal aid traverse. The training also covered rope rescue techniques and mechanical advantage systems used for raising or lowering a casualty or other load.

Kevin performing a changeover from ascent to descent

Following the training course, Vertical Access brought in an independent SPRAT Evaluator to test the VA technicians. The certification process includes a written and oral examinations to test knowledge of safe practices for industrial rope access and an understanding of the equipment and principles involved with rope access work. The main part of the evaluation is the skills test, in which each candidate must demonstrate a broad range of rope access skills.

Donn working through a rebelay

Keith Luscisnki tested to and was certified as a Level III Supervisor, responsible for the overall rope access operations on site. Keith joins Kelly Streeter and Mike Gilbert as Level III Supervisors for Vertical Access. According to SPRAT’s Safe Practices for Rope Access Work, all site work must be performed under the supervision of a Level III Supervisor. Donn Hewes and Kevin Dalton tested to and were certified as Level I Technicians, rope access workers with the appropriate training, skills and qualifications to perform work under the direct supervision of a Level II Lead Technician or Level III Supervisor.

SPRAT is a membership organization that promotes the development of safe practices and standards for rope access work in the United States, Canada, Mexico and beyond. Vertical Access is a member of SPRAT and active in its leadership committees.