Helmet Video Cam

On a recent project with Gale Associates in Boston, Vertical Access used a helmet video camera to perform a close examination of existing conditions. The helmet camera is a compact, high-definition video camera made specifically for use in extreme locations. For this project, a VA technician used Gale’s helmet camera on five drops over the course of one day, recording the audio and video to the camera’s SD card.  Watch an excerpt of the video below (footage provided by Gale Associates).

After this onsite use and review of the video footage, we are very impressed with the ease of use and picture quality and are incorporating the helmet cam in the services we provide. Wireless transmission to a monitor on-site is coming soon. This would allow a VA technician to observe conditions up-close with the video while simultaneously transmitting the live video and audio wirelessly to a monitor on site where our clients and project team members could interact with the inspector. This technology will net dramatic savings in project setup time compared to traditional video while increasing the quality of our deliverable.