SUNY at Albany Water Tower

Albany, NY

The 227-foot tall water tower at the State University of New York at Albany is situated at the center of the academic and administrative core of the campus. The water tower, constructed almost entirely of steel, serves not only as a water tower but also as a bell tower. The water tank comprising the lower section rises from a concrete foundation to a height of 195 feet above the water level of the pool. The exterior of the water tank is clad in steel panels, painted white and has 32 vertical T-section ribs that are painted a bronze color. Above the water tank level is an open frame superstructure almost 42 feet high, which serves as the university’s carillon, topped by a 23-foot tall mast with a beacon light.

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Scope of work

  • Surveyed existing condition of steel members and weld connections between members at outboard side of tower and at all of the superstructure.
  • Provided live-feed video to project team during condition survey of steel.
  • Measured dimensions of superstructure elements to verify and augment original construction drawings.
  • Determined depth of corrosion at selected locations of corrosion pitting using an electric rotary grinder to remove corrosion and a straightedge and feeler gauge to measure section loss.

Original architect

  • Edward Durell Stone (completed 1965)

Building owner

  • The State University of New York

In collaboration with