Red Hook Water Tower

Red Hook, NY

Vertical Access performed a hands-on inspection of the steel structure of the Red Hook Water Tower in Red Hook, NY in order to assist the project team with characterizing the structure and documenting its condition.

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Structure description

The Red Hook Water Tower was built in the 1930s and consists of a 223,000 gallon steel tank atop six steel legs and a central riser column. A concrete pad supports the riser column and each leg sits atop a separate concrete pier. Horizontal cross-members span the legs at two levels, while steel rods with turnbuckles and clevis connections create cross-bracing. The legs are constructed of steel plates and lattice fastened with rivets. Several cellular and other communications antennas are located on the structure.


  • Perform survey of existing conditions on areas of the structure that have no built-in access or fall protection.
  • Obtain measurements of tank height and diameter as well as overall height.


  • VA used rope access to perform a hands-on inspection of each of the six tower legs. Tank diameter and height measurements were taken from the tank catwalk.
  • VA documented notable and representative conditions using photographs hyperlinked to AutoCAD drawings using TPAS®, the Tablet PC Annotation System.
  • VA utilized radio frequency (RF) monitors to ensure safe working conditions for technicians.

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