Strawbridge’s Department Store

Philadelphia, PA

The former Strawbridge’s Department Store in Philadelphia was designed by the local architecture firm of Simon and Simon and built around 1928. The 13-story structure was designed as the flagship store for the company, which was one of the most prominent retailers in the city for over 100 years. Situated on the eastern half of a block in center city, the building has facades on Market Street, 8th Street and Filbert Street.

Each of the four facades has regularly-spaced window openings and piers. A series of setbacks at the corners of the building begin at the 5th floor and rise to the 11th floor. In the center of each façade, there are setbacks at the 11th and 13th floors. The design of the building has neo-classical and art deco touches that are expressed only modestly on the exterior. The little ornamentation that is found on the exterior consists of molded profile wash courses at the setbacks, crenels with crests at some of the parapets and decorative spandrel panels at the 5th and 10th floors.

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Scope of work

  • Investigated and documented existing conditions of the limestone comprising the building’s facades.

Building owner

  • PREIT Services LLC

In collaboration with