Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument

Fort Greene Park, NY

This impressive monument consists of a single 149-foot Doric column with a bronze brazier or urn mounted on top, which was originally lighted and could be seen for miles. During the Revolutionary War, the British held thousands of prisoners on ships anchored in the East River. These prisoners represented all thirteen colonies and at least thirteen different nationalities. The Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument marks the site of a crypt for more than 11,500 men and women who died of overcrowding, starvation and disease aboard these prison ships.

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Scope of work

  • Performed a comprehensive conditions survey of the exterior granite, bronze brazier and interior brick masonry to help inform the preparation of construction documents for repairs and restoration.
  • Photographed all exterior surfaces of the monument for archival documentation.
  • Deliverables included 100% archival photo documentation, annotated AutoCAD drawings, photographs of typical and atypical deterioration, and a letter of report.

Original architect

  • Stanford White (completed 1908)

Building owner

  • New York City Department of Parks & Recreation

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