Irondequoit Bay Bridge

Monroe County, NY

Vertical Access was retained by DiDonato Associates to assist with 2012-2013, 2016-2017, and 2018 Biennial and Interim Inspections of this 2,375 foot, 10-span, 6-lane, continuous truss bridge.

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Bridge description

The Irondequoit Bay Bridge is a steel truss bridge spanning the Irondequoit Bay in Monroe Country, New York. Constructed between 1967 and 1969, the bridge totals 2,375 feet in length. Sitting atop the ten concrete piers are nine truss spans. Six of the spans are flat, while the center, arched span is flanked by a half arch on either side.

Scope of Work

  • Combined industrial rope access and conventional fall protection rigging solutions to provide 100% hands-on inspection of structural under-deck members at all areas inaccessible by UBIU.
  • The 2013 inspection was performed mid-winter with short days and during a period of consistently sub-zero temperatures.
  • Performed hands-on inspection of lower lateral members, lower part of the sway frames, wind locks and concrete piers using a combination of industrial rope access and under-bridge units.
  • Supplied investigation team with TPAS® tablet computers preloaded with customized survey forms to provide uniform inspection data output for all inspectors.

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