Edison Monument

Edison, NJ

The tower consists of a concrete column nearly 118 feet tall, surmounted by a glass block sculpture in the shape of an incandescent light bulb that rises another 13 feet-8 inches. The art deco shaft of the monument has eight recessed facets and eight buttress facets, which taper as they rise to the monumental light bulb. One of the distinctive features of the monument is the use of architectural pre-cast panels with an exposed aggregate. The pre-cast panels of the Edison Memorial Tower were designed and fabricated by the Earley Studio of Rosslyn, VA, pioneers in the development of architectural concrete with exposed aggregate.

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Scope of work

  • Performed preliminary survey of light bulb structure and concrete tower in 2005.
  • Performed a conditions survey of the pre-cast concrete panels at the upper portions of the tower, two full-height facets and exterior of the glass light bulb in 2009.
  • Provided graphical and video documentation of existing conditions, including annotated AutoCAD drawings with hyperlinked digital images and live-feed video.

Original architect

  • Gabriel Francois Massena and Alfred duPont (completed 1938)

Building owner

  • Township of Edison, New Jersey

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