Facade Ordinance Inspection Updates

Building facade inspection programs are mandated by many cities in the United States to proactively identify unsafe conditions that may present a risk of causing injury or damaging property. While the specific requirements of each city’s ordinances differ, all regulations stipulate that inspections be performed at regular intervals.   Specific deadlines and updated requirements are approaching this year for the following municipalities:

  • The City of Philadelphia’s next scheduled inspection reports are due by June 30, 2017 (for buildings constructed between 1951 and 1970);
  • The City of Cincinnati is the newest city to pass a façade ordinance, requiring buildings constructed prior to January 1, 1920 to be inspected on or before July 1, 2017.
  • A new Department of Buildings requirement under New York City’s FISP (Fascade Inspection Safety Program) states that a Supplemental Report on Balconies and Railings needs to be filed for all Local Law 11 Cycle 7 Filings. Cycle 8 filings already incorporate the balcony evaluation requirement.

Vertical Access can assist with city-mandated inspections by using industrial rope access, proven to be an appropriate, safe, efficient and cost-effective option for many façade inspection projects.

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