Erie County Medical Center

Buffalo, NY

Vertical Access was retained by DiDonato Associates  to document existing conditions of three buildings on the Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) Campus to assist with the development of repair recommendations.

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Building description

Located at 462 Grider Street, the Main Building at the Erie County Medical Center rises thirteen stories above Buffalo’s Kensington neighborhood. Clad with exposed aggregate, pre-cast concrete panels with a glass and metal panel curtain-wall system. The medical facility houses 550 inpatient beds and more than 40 outpatient specialty care clinics. Completed in 1978, the modernist structure is comprised of a 152’ “Tower” which is supported by the three story “Chassis.” Both the Tower and Chassis are capped with crenellated parapet walls. Structural columns clad with precast concrete units flank bays of aluminum windows and spandrel panels. Projecting stair towers ascend the center of each end wall. Large, illuminated letters reading “ECMC” crown the northeast corner of the east façade. The three-story Laboratory Building is located adjacent to the Chassis at the center of the west façade and reflects the design and materials of the rest of the facility.

The David K. Miller Building is a four-story brick structure with limestone used at the base, belt courses, and window sills. The windows are aluminum replacement units. The upper floor has EIFS finishes at the east end. Constructed approximately 90 years ago, the building currently houses various medical offices.

Built to house the boiler, chiller, pumps and HVAC controls, the Boiler Chiller Plant at ECMC mirrors the modernist aesthetic of the neighboring Main Building.


Scope of work

  • Using rope access, performed a close visual and hands-on survey of the exterior façades of the three buildings to assist the project team in the preparation of repair recommendations and documents.

  • Used TPAS® to document representative and notable existing conditions with digital photographs hyperlinked to annotated condition drawings.

Building owner

  • Erie County Medical Center

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