Dutch Reformed Church Earns Structural Investigation Project of the Year Award


Vertical Access and Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis were presented this month with a Structural Engineering Project of the Year Award in the studies/investigation category for our Dutch Reformed Church Structural Investigation project by the American Society of Civil Engineers Structural Engineering Institute’s Mohawk Hudson Chapter. This was an exciting project for us and we were glad to be a part of the team!

Our role on the project included:

  • Documenting checks, levels and other representative and notable conditions at the roof trusses with digital photographs hyperlinked to annotated condition drawings with quantities provided for each condition using TPAS®.
  • Taking direct measurements of truss members to characterize the trusses and develop sketches of existing connection details.
  • Helping to determine the cause of movement observed at the roof framing.

More on this project

STRUCTUREmag – Structural Engineering Magazine, Tradeshow: Mechanical Anchor Strength in Stone Masonry

Mechanical anchor systems are commonly installed in historic masonry materials despite the lack of manufacturer-specified design values for this type of substrate. Scaffolding lateral supports, signage installations and telecommunication mounting systems all use these mechanical fasteners in natural stone materials.

The current lack of codes, guidelines or recommendations for tensile and shear design criteria in historic masonry materials leaves structural engineers to improvise the design and specification of these anchors.  ….

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