About Us

Experienced. Credentialed. Collaborative.

Vertical Access delivers outstanding investigation and testing services while providing creative solutions to access challenges on all types of buildings and structures. We work with clients to develop a flexible, customized, and collaborative approach to each project, and we take great pride in this keystone characteristic of our firm.

We employ direct-to-digital field documentation using the Tablet PC Annotation System (TPAS®). Developed by Vertical Access, TPAS streamlines data collection and management, eliminates transcription errors, and reduces turnaround time. Our reports are optimized for graphical and numerical analysis and are customizable for seamless integration into the project documents of our clients.

With industrial rope access, we achieve quick, hands-on access to buildings and structures without expensive and time-consuming conventional swing stage or frame scaffolding. This unique approach minimizes impacts on buildings and occupants and helps our clients to develop accurate and detailed scopes of work for budgeting, phasing, scheduling and bidding for repair and maintenance.


Recognizing the need for highly specialized inspections in extreme locations, Kent Diebolt founded Vertical Access in 1992, pioneering the use of industrial rope access in the United States. While maintaining a base of operations in Ithaca, New York, branch offices include New York City, Washington, D.C., Guilford, CT, and Salt Lake City.

Over more than two decades, Vertical Access has worked on hundreds of structures, historically significant buildings and landmarks throughout the United States and Canada, ranging from Independence Hall in Philadelphia to the Chrysler Building in New York City, and from the 19th century wooden Hanging Flume structure in Colorado to the Arthur Ravenel Bridge, a modern cable-stay bridge in South Carolina.